Saturday, January 30, 2016

Unable to Resolve Any Host Within

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I'm bringing this one back up for my own reference. I don't have IPv6 going at home yet (soon, very soon.....) so it's a great reminder. I'm sure isn't the only domain doing whatever it is that they're doing.

A little while back, I was doing a little work within my lab domain, and found that I was unable to download Microsoft's Web Platform Installer. After digging into this a little bit, I realized it was a DNS resolution issue, as I couldn't resolve any hosts from Microsoft. No other domains were causing me any grief (none that I used while labbing that day anyway). This was completely reproducible from very virtual machine I had running at the time, so I initially thought it was something with VirtualBox, since the host machine didn't have the problem.

I headed off to Google and eventually found a newsgroup post from someone having the same issue. Their workaround was to stop the DNS Client service on the machine, and sure enough that worked in my environment as well. I guess I have some more to learn about Microsoft's DNS Client implementation because I'm just not seeing how disabling something actually makes it START working. But anyway, I had a temporary fix, but I'm not satisfied with that answer, so I kept digging.

Eventually I tried disabling IPv6 on the interfaces in all of the VM's (including both Domain Controllers, which are acting as DNS servers for all of the effected machines), and after a reboot, the problem went away without stopping any services. Any ideas what Microsoft is doing differently than everyone else on the Internet? Regardless, I've been disabling IPv6 on all of my VMs because this behavior followed me to work as well.


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