Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Error 25154. Failed to execute SQL script.

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Here's an old one I've had in the queue for some time. I'm digging it back out because I'm going to have some involvement with SCOM 2007 in the new gig. Thankfully I know a bit more about SQL Server today than I did then.

I ran into an interesting problem installing SCOM 2007. It would get half way through the installation and then fail with the message: "Error 25154.  Failed to execute SQL script.  Error Code -2147217900 (the specified option 'clr enabled' is not supported by this edition of SQL server and cannot be changed using sp_configure.)."  The first thing I found with Google was to disable the "allow updates" feature in SQL Server 2005 (it would not recognize/use SQL Server 2008) with the command :

exec sp_configure 'allow updates', 0

After some time trying to figure out how to enter a query (I know a bit about databases and a bit about SQL, but I do not know anything about SQL Server) I found that 0 was already the value for 'allow updates' and this command did nothing. Back to Google.

It turns out that I had SQL Server Express Edition (SSEE) installed on this VM at some time in the past (I just double checked, it's not installed now), so when it asked for what database server to connect to, the default was "SERVER\sql##SSEE" and I paid it no mind as I was clicking next next next through the options.  It turns out on the screen where you select the database, there's a drop down list that had "SERVER" in addition to the "SERVER\sql##SSEE" option.  Thanks to ChuckWelc who posted the solution at EggHeadCafe.


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