Wednesday, October 28, 2015

AlwaysOn Availability Groups and User Accounts

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I recently built a AlwaysOn Availablity Group for my companies database server on SQL Server 2012. With three databases for mission critical applications running on the database server, we needed a little more protection than a weekly backup that we can restore.  So I took two fresh servers, installed Windows Server 2012 Standard and SQL Server 2012 Enterprise on each and found this link, which is a great place to start when building an AlwaysOn Availability group.  There's a couple points that were either missing or noted so briefly that I missed them, but it pretty much covers everything from end to end.  There's also an ebook called "High Availability Solutions" downloadable from Microsoft with a lot more information and detail.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Exchange Server component Mailbox role: Mailbox service failed.

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The short version of this story is READ THE LOGS!  Now here's the long version.

I was trying to install Exchange 2013 in my lab environment and kept running into this error consistently. I scoured the Internet and tried everything that was suggested for anything even similar, with no success. At one point I even scrapped the VM and built a new Server 2012R2 VM from scratch, and the same thing happened. The Exchange setup wizard would fail at about 97% into the Mailbox role installation with the following output. It's not all here, because its ultimately wasn't of much use.

Saturday, October 3, 2015