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I had a discussion with somebody on line a while back on the feasibility of working through the labs at using Cisco Packet Tracer. After a little back and forth and a lot of thought on the matter, I decided to give it a try rather than continue to speculate. Since I haven't used the program in years, I logged into my NetAcad account and downloaded the latest version ( and installed it on my desktop. And no, I will not provide you with a copy, so don't bother asking.

So I fired up Packet Tracer and it looked pretty much the same as I remember it. I placed a single 1941 router into the topology and booted it up. Obviously the labs in Section 1 (Configuring a Cisco Access Server, Installing Graphical Network Simulator v3, etc.) aren't applicable to this experiment, nor are most of the labs in Section 2. However, it wasn't far into Section 2, Lab 2-6, that I ran into the first thing that didn't work. The command "show run interface" is not available.  This command is also specified in Lab 2-7. From here we're good until lab 2-14, where the command "default interface" is not available.

Moving along to section 3, in Lab 3-4, you'll find that you're missing the command "login authentication CONSOLE_AUTH group tacacs local" where anything past CONSOLE_AUTH (the aaa method list) is not available. Next, in Lab 3-10 we don't have the "absolute-timeout" command. In lab 3-11 we're missing the command "ip http" and in Lab 3-12 we're limited in our options for "logging trap" which only supports level 7 (debugging).

So all in all, we're not looking too bad here, just a command here and there missing and nothing that should be an absolute show stopper.  So next time I'll start on Section 4 and see if it gets any worse as we advance through the material.


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