Saturday, January 23, 2016

Generating Test Users

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In setting up an Active Directory environment, you often need test users that are part of test groups and test Organizational Units. In a post at TechExams, Slowhand presents a script that will take a csv file containing names and departments of some dummy users, then creates an OU structure based on a couple of questions.  The users will be created based on the names in the file, and each user will be added into a group with the name of their department.  

Because I always subscribe to the theory of overkill, I used this site to generate a much longer list of names.  Tell it to generate 50 names, and then once they are generated, scroll down to the bottom and click List in text area, then you can copy/paste them out into a text file.  Run it as many times as you wish to generate longer lists. Don't forget to replace the space in between the first and last name with a comma, and then add another comma after the last name, followed by a department. They can all be the same department if you don't care to separate them.

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