Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year, New Focus

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This blog started out with the intent of being networking focused, Cisco networking in particular.  However, competing interests from work and hobbies have led it to contain content that's all over the map.  While all over the map is still an active representation of where I'm at both professionally and personally and probably always will be, it's time to reel it in and get focused again.

What will be here here moving forward:
  • CCNP Security topics - what I'm actively pursuing.
  • VoIP and Wireless topics - not pursuing any certifications (yet), but I need to increase my knowledge in these areas both for professional and eventual cert goals.
  • MCSA 2016 - I'll be tackling the upgrade to this certification when the exam is released.
  • CISSP - The capstone of my Masters Degree program, I will be doing this certification at some point in the very near future.
  • CCIE Security - Those elusive digits is the ultimate goal.
And then all that "other stuff" that I hope will not outnumber the above posts:
  • Work Topics - I'm not going to disclose exactly what I'm doing or where I'm doing it at, but on occasion I come across a topic on the job that is of interest. Things I want to know more about or just rant about.
  • The Facebook CCNA Group - I'm the admin of the largest CCNA related Facebook group, and occasionally write an impulsive post based on the groups activity.  Those posts find their way here so I can keep them handy and not answer the same question with the same answer a hundred times.  If you don't participate in that group, I apologize for the distraction and you may safely ignore those posts.  There will be no quiz at the end. 
  • Misc Off Topic Posts - I'm hoping that the general geeking out posts will be fewer and farther between, but they'll still be there from time to time and probably more often that I really want.  But if it's of interest to me, maybe it'll be of interest to someone else.  And for a writer, continuing to write, ANYTHING is a good thing.
Stay tuned!


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