Saturday, April 9, 2016

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The comments for the blog appear to be fixed, though a lot of recent ones may have been lost. When I linked the blog to my own domain name, it said that Google+ comments would be adversely effected by this, so I disabled the Google+ association.  This didn't fix the underlying issue, however, as "Use Google+ Comments" was still selected, even though the checkbox disappears when you remove the Google+ association.

To fix this, you have to reenable Google+ association and then the checkbox to Use Google+ Comments or not will appear again.  After you uncheck it, you can remove the association again, or not, as the comments are the only thing adversely affected by the association when using your own domain name.  Hopefully my adventures with this will help someone else out in the future as everything I read on the matter said to uncheck Use Google+ Comments and left it at that.


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