Wednesday, May 25, 2016

ACLs by Country

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Have you ever wanted to create an ACL by country?  There's a number of different ways you can go about it.  Certain models of firewalls have this functionality built in.  IOS based routers and ASA firewalls have no such capability, so we'll have to do this a bit more manually.  I'll present two methods.

The first method is detailed here.  In this post, wget goes out to the Internet and grabs the necessary data from the applicable RIR.  Some custom Perl code pulls out the subnets associated with that country and then builds the ACL.  This one is probably not for the faint of heart nor someone not very fluent in Unix command lines.

A simpler way is through a website called Country IP Blocks.  Navigate to The Create Country ACL page on their site and you can select one or more countries to build an ACL for.  Then pick which format you want the results in.  Cisco ACL is just one of 12 options here, and then click "Create ACL" and you're done.  Other sites such as and provide similar functionality.

These lists get pretty long. Want one that that will permit or deny United States based addresses?  That'll be 55,348 lines.  Want to create an ACL that will block Russia and China?  That's 27,386 lines.  Hope your router is maxed out on RAM.

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  1. You can export the IPv4 and IPv6 list from


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