Saturday, May 7, 2016

All of the P's

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I can recall from my military days the phrase "Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance."  You can easily substitute in Preparation in place of Planning here, but both get at the same point.  Of course I am doubting my recollection of the exact phrase now, and you'll see why here shortly.  In the military, this wasn't just a phrase, but a philosophy that they tried to instill in us and get us to live by.  It's about how you didn't just read through the requirements and then jot down some notes after thumbing through a manual or two.  It's about how we practiced for parades over and over again to get everyone in perfect sync, so onlookers would only hear one click, one pop on each movement and not 100 individual hands slapping their rifle.  Plan it out and put in the work, so your performance is perfect on game day.

Well, I was looking up the exact phrase a while ago, and I came across a blog post by a gentlemen by the name of Simeon Martins who took this to an entirely new level.  In his post, he has a number of 5 P, 6 P, etc. takes on this old phrase.  And yes, I'm writing this entire blog post based on the chuckle I had reading Mr. Martins' post.

In the lab, this is how you should approach it. Don't just enable SSH on your router a couple times and think you've got it.  Configure SSH on all of the routers in your topology.  Explore all of the options you have for the various steps in the process.  Wipe the routers and do it all again.  You're not done after you've successfully configured it and logged in with Putty one time. You're not done after you've configured it a dozen times today.  Your repetition should include revisiting the topic again and again.  That's the Proper Prior Planning you need to put in. The Piss Poor Performance you're looking to Prevent would be failing your next certification exam.


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