Saturday, June 4, 2016

Transfer to Lenny

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When I was at my last job, we all worked slightly different hours to cover all the hours that our clients were in the office.  My coworker, who came in at 6, told me right before he left that when telemarketers called, he started giving them my name specifically for whatever they were selling or whatever position they would ask for.  Apparently they call early, because I started getting tons of calls every day asking for me specifically. It still goes on today, they just forward the calls to my extension. I no longer check the voicemail, but I do see emails notifying me that they come in still.

So I recently came across this great "service" while browsing Reddit one day. There's a phone number that you can transfer calls to, and "Lenny" will take the call.  Lenny is a bot that plays prerecorded things back to the caller, giving the appearance that they're talking to a real person.  So the next time you start getting calls from a telemarketer who just won't take no for an answer, transfer the call to Lenny.  I'm thinking about programming the number into my cell phone for the next time Cisco calls asking for "whomever recently browsed the Cisco site from this number."

If you don't have anyone to transfer to Lenny, you can still visit Lenny's YouTube channel to enjoy his hi-jinks.  While it's not Tom Mabe, it'll definitely do.


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