Sunday, October 30, 2016

First SENSS Attempt - Part II

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So I went down to the testing center yesterday and made my first attempt at the SENSS exam.  And I failed miserably, scoring nearly 200 points below the passing mark.  I have been studying for this exam off and on now for about 2 years.  More off than on with work, school, family, and everything else constantly taking my focus away, but during that time I did get a lot of quality study time in.  The disappointing part is not as much the questions that I wasn't sure of the answer to, its the questions asking about things where I was like wow, I don't recall reading about this at all.  Quite a humbling experience as this is the first Cisco exam that I've failed.

I don't think this was a case of the exam objectives being extremely vague as most certification objectives are.  These objectives were quite fair, in my opinion.  Instead this time its more a case of there being no study guide.  If you look at the list of suggested study materials, you'll find no fewer than 10 Cisco Press titles in addition to a laundry list of .pdfs ranging from short configuration guides to the SAFE Reference Guide.  That's a ton to take in.  Do I need everything in 7896 pages of books?

Well, I have to get this done before November 12, the day that my other Cisco certifications expire, so back to it!  As always, save your questions about what questions I saw, how many questions I got, what the passing score was, etc.  I'm not going to violate the NDA, even in my deflated mood.


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