Wednesday, October 26, 2016

First SENSS Attempt

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This week there will be no regularly scheduled Wednesday post because I am putting the final touches on my first (and hopefully only) attempt at the SENSS exam.  My exam is scheduled for 12:00pm on Saturday.  In nervousness, I've rescheduled it a couple times leading up to this point, but I can't keep doing that as all my other Cisco certifications are due to expire on November 12.  I'm feeling well over 95% confidence in all the topics except for SNMP.  Unfortunately, my confidence level on that topic is not too much higher than it was coming into preparation for this exam.  I have no idea why this one thing just won't sink in.  I'll see it again and again down the road, so I'll get it sooner or later.

Once this exam is over with, I'll be shifting my focus primarily towards the CISSP, which is the capstone for my Masters Degree.  I'm doing the last two classes for this class, so the capstone is all I'll have left after this semester.  My Bachelors and Masters Degree coursework both focused on CISSP material, and I've done a lot of reading on things covered in it outside of the classroom as well, so I'm not starting from zero.   I will be doing the MCSA 2016 upgrade exam in the near future (not sure exactly when yet), but I expect to get back on Cisco and start on the SISAS once the CISSP is in hand.  So a lot of ISE and Active Directory in the future.
Not that anyone really cares, but I'll post back here on how the SENSS went, and if I have any thoughts on the exam that I am willing to share.  Wish me luck!


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