Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Year In Review

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With this post, I'm looking to start a new tradition with my studies, and by extension, with the blog.  I'm going to recap 2016.  Where I've been, what I've done, and where I hope to go from here.  This post is entirely for me, anyone else will probably not find it very useful unless they're stalking me. But feel free to stalk if you wish, I don't mind.

I started out the year with a post called New Year, New Focus, where I laid out my intentions on where the blog was heading this year.  i did a pretty good job of staying on target for the most part.  Study and certification wise, wanted to say on target with the CCNP Security, which I did by finally passing the 300-206 SENSS exam.  I also intended to give thought to the MCSA 2016 which I plan to tackle soon, and the CISSP, which is the capstone of my Masters Degree program.  

For the blog, I finally bit the bullet and bought my first domain after a bit of back and forth on what I wanted.  I also started paying more attention to the aesthetics of the blog, and moved away from the default themes, and finally commissioned a logo.  This blog started out as simply somewhere to stash my list of free CCNA related resources, but I set a goal to start posting more to help with my studies.  Mission accomplished there, I have more posts this year than the previous 5 years combined.    

I didn't touch the MCSA at all.  The closest I got was adding a couple VMs to the lab which run Server 2016.  I barely even kicked the tires on it.  So I'll get back on this after the CISSP.

Towards the CISSP however, I did accomplish a lot.  In school I took a few classes directly related to the material (a class that was supposed to be related to intrusion detection that instead went through a Security+ level of material, a class on disaster recover/business continuity, and a class on enterprise incident response). Outside of the classroom, I continued reading.

Of course, the lab has continued to evolve and grow.  I went into the year with a couple low power toys (AMD A4 CPUs) running Hyper-V.  As the year went along, I built an ESXi server on a pair of quad-core Opterons, and continue to throw more hardware at it.  It currently has 64GB of RAM, 2.5TB of storage, and 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports.  The two Hyper-V hosts still exist, running a few VMs as well in addition to file server duties.  Finally, there's an i5 half-top running as a domain controller and will probably host a few VMs itself if I ever get around to upping the 4GB of RAM in it.  The network consists of a Cisco 2821 router, 3750 switch, 1130 access point, and a 2511 access server.  Other than that, everything is currently virtualized.

Here's the rundown on all the current VMs, not counting the workstations and systems that were set up for short term testing that I haven't bothered to really keep track of.
  • av1 Alienvault
  • cloud1 Turnkey Owncloud 14.1 
  • facs2 Cisco Secure ACS 5.6 
  • facs3 Server 2003 Std  Cisco Secure ACS 4.2
  • fata1 Server 2012R2 Std Microsoft Threat Analytics 1.6
  • fcda1 Cisco CDA 1.0
  • fdc2 Server 2016 Std  AD Domain Controller
  • fexch1 Server 2012R2 Exchange 2016
  • fipam1 Server 2012R2  Windows IPAM
  • fissue1 Server 2012R2  Issuing CA
  • fntp2 NetBSD 6.5.1  NTP Server
  • fnpas1 Server 2012R2 Std Windows NPAS
  • foos1 Server 2012R2 Std Office Online Server
  • fprtg1 Server 2008R2 Ent PRTG
  • froot1 Server 2008R2 Ent Root CA
  • fsccm1 Server 2008R2 DC SCCM 2012R2
  • fscom1 Server 2012R2 Std SCOM 2012R2
  • fscvmm1 Server 2012R2 Std SCVMM 2012R2
  • fscrut1 Scrutinizer
  • fscvmm1 Server 2012R2 Std SCVMM 2012R2
  • fskype1 Server 2012R2 Std Skype for Business 2015
  • fsp1 Server 2012R2 Std Sharepoint 2016
  • fsplunk1 Server 2008R2 Ent Splunk 6.5.0
  • fsql1 Server 2008R2 Ent SQL Server 2014
  • fsql3 CentOS 7.3 SQL Server 14.0 for Linux
  • fterm1 Server 2016 Std  Remote Desktop Services
  • fvc2 Server 2008R2 VCenter 5.5
  • fwds1 Server 2016 TP5  Windows Deployment Server
  • fwins1 Server 2000  WINS Server
  • fwms1 Server 2008  Windows Media Services
  • fwol2 Server 2003 Std  Wake on LAN Web App
  • fwsus2 Server 2008  WSUS
  • ise1 Cisco ISE 2.0 
  • mc1 Server 2008R2 Ent Minecraft Server
  • sf1 Sourcefire VDC 5.3.1 
  • so1 Security Onion  
  • vnmc1 Cisco VNMC 2.1.1a 
  • wlc1 Cisco Virtual WLC
Now if only this were true.  I came across this nonsense at a site called  



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