Saturday, December 17, 2016

Unusual Bursts of Traffic

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Has anyone seen this before? And if you have seen it, do you have any insight into it? I have a few theories, but its one of those "would be nice to know for sure" things. For the most part, I get an insignificant amount of traffic from Israel and Russia. But on 12/9, I received a huge spike in traffic, and pretty much all from these two countries. I'll show two graphics to illustrate this.

First, here's the spike in traffic, with a couple surrounding days for reference.  As you can see, the other days on the chart almost look insignificant in comparison.

Next, here's how it rates compared to other locations.  Again, these two countries normally are an insignificant source of traffic compared to the US, India and Great Britain which are usually the top sources.

I've seen similar spikes from both Russia and Israel in the past, but never at the same time.  My theory is content scrapers.  Sites that steal content to generate traffic to their own sites filled with ads and/or malware.  I'm just wondering if there's something else I haven't considered.


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