Saturday, January 14, 2017

Unwanted Phone Calls Really Upset People

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Like most people, I get an occasional call from an unknown number on my cell phone.  Most of the time I ignore it, especially if they're calling while I'm at work.  But if I'm bored, I may Google the number later.  And it seems like every time that I do, it's a different group of 5 or 6 "who calls me from" databases that show up in the top hits on Google.  It appears that the call I got was from someone trying to sell extended car warranties this time, but what really caught my eye was some of the comments regarding this number.  Aside from the atrocious spelling and grammar, there's some real gems. Also enjoy the DMCA notice from the web sheriff.

Hillary: got a call on cell from 551-258-8006. Let it go to voicemail and since this was from criminals, they left no message. Called it back on my home phone using *67 call number blocked. I got a robot voicemail saying "press 1 to get on do not call list". I pressed 1 and the robot voicemail said my number would no longer be called. But here's the catch - Since I used *67, they didn't have my number. That means this is a criminal ID theft gang trying to phish my info.

Angela: Received a call from this number and did not answer it.
Googled the number and found out it is spam.
I know that JUSTICE will be swift, soon.
May they enjoy their state of non-existence. 🙏

JP:   Got a call from this number. They wouldn't leave message. Googled and saw it was a scam. Blocked it. This is the third scammer to call me and my family in the last month. One made my teenage daughter cry after he threatened to have her arrested if she didn't give him a card number over the phone. Fortunately she hung up. Special place in hell for these people.

George O: If I find out who is calling I will take his head off with a shovel.

V: This spam caller today, plus 2 others (one from Romania !) changing lots of passwords. Obviously with the rash of multiple spam calls happening today. Someones gotten into peoples info

I wonder if these people run up to the post office to yell at somebody about junk mail? Either way, those are some conclusions being jumped to there.


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